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Born and raised valley girl from Chandler, Arizona...

with nothing more than this flamming fire to dance. Pick a song, allow me space and creating a masterpiece is always my goal. I am humbled to have a professional career that travels me around the world, dancing for the LA Lakers and the Los Angeles Rams, on TV shows and Music videos. But my most proud staple in my career has been creating one of the largest Latin Dance Company & Studio in Los Angeles.

I'm often asked " How did you become a dancer, or a professional dancer?"

For as long as I could remember dance has always been a part of me. No matter in the grocery store, cleaning my bedroom (as my mom would tell me) or even through the halls of school, I was always movin' and groovin'. I started in the dance studio at the age of 3 and I loved it. I always considered it my "happy place". But I quickly realized as I became a competitive dancer, loving dance would not make you the best was TRAINING!

Training. I became obsessed with training and taking on different types of dance (jazz, ballet, hip hop, contemporary, tap, acrobatics, point, etc.) I began expanding my mind and focusing on being well-rounded and investing in my training to reach my highest potential!

"The trophies were not what kept me going. It was the joy of being onstage & owning it!"

By the age of 13, I had won numerous awards, regional titles and scholarships to different intensives and conventions around the country. However, the trophies were not what kept me going. It was the joy of being onstage and owning it! I just loved performing and being able to express myself in ways I felt my words could not. By the time college rolled around, I could not wait to audition for Arizona State's Spiritline which included cheering at football & basketball games and being a part of their competitive pom team. What an experience that was. I will never forget competing on national television on ESPN's Network and becoming 3rd in the nation. However, that excitement was short-lived because I decided to go for an even bigger goal my Sophomore year at ASU.

"There is nothing like dancing in the middle of Staples Center Court!"

You know, I never would have imagined becoming an NBA cheerleader, especially for one of the most Internationally recognized dance teams- Purple & Gold. There is nothing like dancing in the middle staples court! But truth told, as much as I loved dancing, performing and training, my heart was more interested in the charitable events. I loved working in the community representing the franchise whether it was at local convolecent homes, shelters or hospitals! It was the first time I realized that I enjoyed being a part of something greater than myself as a performer. Little did I know that was going to lead me in an adventure I NEVER KNEW EXISTED!

"Then I suddenly realized I was doing what I loved, traveling the world and getting paid."

One decision change the complete trajectory of my dance career. I decided to take a Jazz class at Millenium dance complex on my day off from being a Laker girl. It was my towards the end of my second season and try outs for what would have been my "third season" was vastly approaching. I thought a technique class was the way to begin preparation. Long story short (Listen to my podcast for the story), I met one of the dances pioneers by the name of Jorge. He explained he was looking for a dance partner that would train him in technique and he would teach them Bachata. Bachata is a latin dance style which organs are from the Dominican Republic. And, Jorge's role in the world of bachata was that he taught this style at the biggest club in Los Angeles, owned the biggest Latin dance company AND traveled around the world sharing his expertise. I took a chance I guess...I was 21 years old, two years as a Laker Girl- what did I have to lose. I started training in Bachata, began teaching with him at the club and instantly became his dance partner. it was about 6 months in, I was getting on my flight to France ready to teach and dance, then I suddenly realized I was doing what I loved, traveling the world and getting paid.

"I was a business owner, traveling instructor and The Captain of the Los Angeles Rams cheerleaders."

After two years of dancing with Jorge and really understanding what bachata and the Latin Scene was It was time to venture off. One, I really wanted to get back into Pro Dancing so I tried out for the Los Angeles Rams Cheerleaders, made it and became a captain March of 2016. Two, I wanted to build a dance company that did not only dance Bachata but technical styles like Jazz, Hip Hop and contemporary, while having a huge focus on dance empowering people! I wanted to create a space where people could come dance, express and love themselves. And that's exactly what happened, I created Empowered Movement Dance Company June of 2016. Three, I definitely wanted to continue traveling teaching bachata and jazz to our Latin scene. Before I knew it, I was a business owner, traveling the world and the captain of the Los Angeles Rams Cheerleaders. It was a big year.

"I believed in building my dreams rather than waiting for my dream to show up at my door." 

Becoming a business owner was one of the best decisions I have ever made. However, having another outlet like being a Pro Dancer/ Cheerleader made my life make sense. In 2018, I decided to put my white scrunchie socks on and get back onto Staples Center Court. Yep, I was a laker girl again, cheering on LeBron, back in the community representing LA while all running my company which had turned into one of the largest Bachata Companies in Los Angeles, plus finishing up my BA in Psychology in Applied Behavior Analysis. I was a busy woman, but on a mission because I wanted nothing more to own a dance studio and create a place to call my dance company's home. In 2019, the construction of our new Home "EMDC Studio" began. We opened March of 2021- officially.

It has been a ride, my friends, a ride I am still on and learning from every day. I look forward to so much of my experience as a dancer and business owner being shared through this new platform of sharing who Aubrey is aside from my dance company and studio. This is a chance for me to do what I do best and that is truly helping people become successful.


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